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  International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )
    Editor-in-Chief (EiC) : Prof. Dr. Nazri bin Mohd Nawi
    ISSN (Online) : 2091-1610
    Publication Frequency : Bi-Monthly Frequency
    Publisher : Institute of Information System & Research Center ( IISRC)
    Additional Information  
  Aims & Scope
  The objective of IJITCS is to communicate important research and development results in the areas of computer science, software engineering, and information systems.
  IJITCS is devoted to theoretical developments in computer systems science and their applications in computer engineering & Information Technology . The journal covers the intense research activity that is being carried out in the systems field in both theoretical and practical hardware and software problems, together with the substantial amount of work being carried out within industry on the engineering, implementation and development of such systems. Original research papers, state-of-art reviews and technical notes are published regularly. Research notes, new development experience and application papers are an important part of the journal’s all-round coverage of the subject; industrial developments and new products are also monitored. A conference calendar, reviews of new books and reports of important meetings from around the world keep the reader fully informed.
  Objectives of IJITCS Library
  To support and facilitate the research learning and teaching.
To maintain and provide access to appropriate literature and information resources to its users.
To expand the boundary of scientific research beyond the borders.
To provide an open access international platform to researchers, students, academics and industry professionals from all over the world.
IISRC - IJITCS library is acting like a passive mode of modern virtual university.
To maintain and develop access to journal publication collections as a research resource for all.


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