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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Cryptography is the promising methodology of data security in the concerned areas of computer communication and cryptographic computations can be used for encrypting and transmitting the information. cryptography has shown its effectiveness in the field of secured data transmission and much research work is going on to make the computational process more complex to the unauthorized users so that they cannot decrypt the information in a reasonable time. In this paper, an improved strong substitution based encryption algorithms are proposed and the encryption and decryption process is being optimized. The proposed methods are being implemented and analyzed and it shows its efficiency in computation, storage and transmission; and it is more powerful during the decryption process. Proper care has been taken so as keep the cipher text output file size as close to the plain text file size for fast transmission. This paper includes the procedures like substituent list generation, key generation, encryption and decryption that are continued and enhanced from our previous proposed work [10]. The performances are finally demonstrated and its implementations are explained and analyzed.

Keywords :

:: Security, encryption, decryption, key generation, cipher text, plain text.

References :

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