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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Unlike text documents, a key problem facing the search of images and multimedia data objects is the ability to index them properly. Here, we describe a mechanism for indexing through usage, which makes use of a dynamic evolutionary approach. By capturing, analyzing and interpreting user response and query behavior, the patterns of searching and finding multimedia data objects may be established. Within the present architectural paradigm, the semantic index may be dynamically constructed, validated, and built-up, where the performance of the system will increase as time progresses. Our system also incorporates a high degree of robustness and fault-tolerance whereby inappropriate index terms will be gradually eliminated from the index, while appropriate ones will be reinforced. We also incorporate genetic variations into the design to allow objects which may otherwise be hidden to be discovered. Experimental results indicate that the present approach is able to confer significant performance benefits in the semantic searching and discovery of a wide variety of multimedia data objects, such as images, music, and videos.

Keywords :

: Concept-based, Dynamic Indexing, Genetic Algorithms, Index Hierarchy, Multimedia Information Search, Relevance Feedback and Semantics

References :

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