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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Locally preserving projection (LPP) does not take advantage of the spatial correlation of pixels in the image, and the pixels are considered as independent pieces of information. In this paper, a kernel based manifold learning feature extraction method which considers spatial relationship of neighboring pixels, called supervised composite kernel locality preserving projection (SCKLPP), is proposed for hyperspectral image feature extraction. The spatial information and spectral information from original hyperspectral image are combined using composite kernels weight matrix. The nearest neighbor graph is created with the prior class-label information of samples. Experimental results on AVIRIS data set show that the SCKLPP can not only efficiently reduce the dimensionality but also achieve higher accuracies. In addition, the proposed method opens a new field for future developments in which spatial information can be easily integrated into the feature extraction stage..

Keywords :

: feature extraction; dimensionality reduction; locally preserving projection; composite kernel; hyperspectral image classification

References :

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