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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In the beginning of human revolution, teaching was confined to groups of students, Guru use to pass the knowledge to his Student, later when Student becomes Guru he was to pass it on to his Student. With the invention of book and digital library's availability, access to education  for all human beings became easy and affordable. In the Twenty-first Century invention of computer and new information technology has changed the education system tremendously. Internet and web technologies are changing the way in which instruction is delivered to the student.

Due to the rapid growth of internet and web technologies, e-learning has become the most popular learning approach in higher education system,. e-learning is the use of information and communication technology to enhance and facilitate teaching and learning experience. This paper gives a brief idea of e-learning course development, different types of e-learning approach (delivery system), knowing your target learners, and role of university or an organization in providing e-learning courses to learner


Keywords :

: Content development,: Host; Learner; Learning Management System

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