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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Most of E-Government projects do not succeed and reach their objectives. This fact is due to the challenging nature of Information Technology (IT) project management in general. IT project management suffers from high complexity, uncertainty and nonlinearity. These challenges have huge impact on the sustainability of EGovernment sector in any country. This research is concerned about the uncertainty of time management, the complexity of cost management and the nonlinearity that arises in time and cost management when multiple projects are managed at the same time as projects portfolio. To overcome these issues, this research proposes the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because of its ability to handle complex non-linear problems. Specifically, two AI techniques will be the focus of our methodology. These techniques are Fuzzy Inference and Artificial Neural Network. The scope of this research will cover time and cost management .

Keywords :

: Information Technology; Project Portfolio Management; Artificial Intelligence; Fuzzy Inference; Neural Networks

References :

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