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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

With the Smartphone technology breaking boundaries as the features advance, there is an ever increasing need to meet the extensive usage of a normal user and to optimize the battery usage. It is undesirable for any person using a Smartphone to charge the battery at periodic intervals or when the person is moving or travelling. Currently separate portable batteries are extensively used to charge while travelling. This paper aims to utilise the available sources of energy in the vicinity of a mobile phone to recharge the batteries dynamically. This increases the longevity of its operation without charging. Our first method makes use of excessive heat generated by the human body. Thermocouples working on Peltier effect can effectively generate current when the human hand or any other portion of the body comes in contact with the module and creates a temperature difference. The potential generated can be used to charge the battery after necessary amplification. Our second method involves affixing solar cells to support the charging using thermocouples. Solar cells provide the additional current required to meet the Smartphone’s current requirement. This paper also makes an attempt to explore the feasibility of using a Piezo-electric method of charge generation by using crystal mounted on an elastic surface. This can be utilised when a person moves around with his phone in his pocket. All the above methods are to be mounted on a dedicated back plate for facilitating easier installation thereby making it suitable for use on a variety of handsets.

Keywords :

: Piezo-electric crystal, Thermoelectric module, Solar cell, Peltier Effect, Piezo electric effect, Reverse piezo electric effect

References :

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