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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

This research aims to compare the students’ achievement of E-Learning and traditional learning using the experimental approach.   A pair of student groups ( in E-Learning and traditional class ) was learned in a semester as an experiment. Two experiments with two pairs of student groups were conducted in two semesters.  T-test comparison analysis was performed in order to examine the differences of mean scores between two treatments.  Results showed that there are no statically significant differences in all measurements.  Moreover, both of student groups were interviewed at the end of each semester about students’ satisfaction.  The findings highlight the importance of identifying the blended learning-mixed of E-Learning and traditional learning.  It is expected that the blended learning would be an improvement of students’ achievement .

Keywords :

: E-Learning;traditional learning; experimental approach;blended learning.

References :

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