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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In cloud computing, large amount of data can be effectively stored and managed. To ensure data security and efficient retrieval, people can encrypt data using searchable encryption (SE) before outsourcing. However, most existing SE schemes only support single-user access, and multi-user SE is required in many enterprise applications. We found that the flexibility and usability of encryption schemes can be greatly improved by embedding attribute-based access policy in a ciphertext. In this paper, we propose a ciphertext-policy hidden vector encryption (CPHVE) scheme to support both encryption and search operations for multiple users. In the scheme, a keyword is encrypted with an attribute-based access policy, which can be searched when the users’ attributes satisfy the policy. The security of CPHVE is also proved in this paper. Moreover, our CPHVE scheme is based on bilinear groups of prime order, thus it is more efficient than the existing schemes. .

Keywords :

: Cloud computing; multi-user searchable encryption; hidden vector encryption

References :

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