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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

The problem of eye detection in face images is very important for a large number of applications ranging from face recognition to gaze tracking. Eye detection is a crucial step in face recognition and human computer communication. Face alignment is also an important issue in face recognition systems. The performance of the face recognition system depends on the accuracy of face alignment. Localization and extraction of eyes are operations requisite for solving these problems. Existing eye detection methods can be classified into passive image based approaches and active infrared based approaches. In this paper we study passive image based approaches. The passive image based methods can be broadly classified into template based, appearance based, and feature based Methods. Unlike template based methods, feature based methods do not require the creation of a deformable eye template. Moreover, unlike the appearance based methods, the feature based methods do not require the collection of a large amount of training data. Thus we use the feature based methods to detect the face and define the position of eyes. In this paper, we propose a new eye detection system which can accurately detect the center of both eyes in the rotated face image. In this system firstly we detect the face region in an image by using Haar Cascade Classifier and extract the face region in this image using color information in HSV space. We find the symmetric axes of the extracted face region to detect the location of eyes using Haar like features and choose the vertical symmetric axis of the extracted face region image by using the Haar Cascade Classifier. According to this axis we can determine the skewed angle of the extracted face region to rotate the face. After rotation process we find a horizontal eye line in the upper part of the face region by using the vertical symmetric axis to locate the center of eyes .

Keywords :

: eye detection; skin detection; symmetry detection; localization of eye

References :

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