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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In this paper, the mobile E-commerce platform based on 3D GIS information for mobile environment is  implemented. Anytime, anywhere, for all consumers can take convenient and secure E-commerce service  in mobile environment, we will implement a software platform base on the mobile environment that  independent of the mobile OS. Also, our platform is implemented optimized various device systems based  on N-screen. And we will use a 3D electronic map for the more user visible convenience. To conclude, our  E-Commerce service solution is implemented to confirm user location using 3D GIS information and to  find online stores and off-line stores nearby user location. From now on mobile E-commerce system based  on 3D GIS can be usable at various areas in the ubiquitous mobile environment.

Keywords :

:E-Commerce, LBS, 3D, GIS, E-Catalog

References :

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