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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

This paper is aimed to help and let car users maintain their cars easily. An appropriately maintained car can prevent serious damages of engines or other parts of the car thus reduce a chance of an accident or a car breakdown. Car usable life can also be extended. Generally, car preventive maintenance may be ignored because of the owner carelessness or lack of reminding or warnings. Car preventive maintenance or regular service every specified amount of miles and/or time use. The objective of the proposed application is to remind and give information to the car user about preventive maintenance in due course. The proposed application utilizes Location Based Service (LBS) based on built-in GPS of an Android device. The location information from LBS were used to calculate the accumulated mileage which is the main function of the proposed application. The accumulated mileage and the measured time duration are in use to inform a car user to maintenance the car on the right time. The proposed application was aimed to work on a devices installed especially in a vehicle.

Keywords :

:Car maintenance, Mileage, Notification, Location Based Service.

References :

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