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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In this paper, we tackle the issue of exploiting the priority based packet generations and transmissions in wireless sensor networks for cattle health monitoring system. Since the limited network resources of WSN make it difficult to provide prioritized data communications, we propose a traffic adaptive priority support scheme, which monitors the buffer status of each node to identify the its processing ratio and dynamically adjusts its backoff value and frame retransmission parameter according to predefined access categories (ACs). In addition, we also design and develop a HL7 interface that encodes and decodes HL7 messages containing cattle health information. Finally, extended simulations are conducted and revealed that the proposed scheme provides a more efficient cattle health monitoring solution than legacy IEEE 802.15.4 in terms of packet delivery ratio and end-to-end delay.

Keywords :

:Wireless Sensor Networks; HL7; Cattle Monitoring Systems

References :

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