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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

The remarkable growth in IT and computer technology  has made great impact on the way we communicate, learn and educate students. IT integration in education  must above all promote communication, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving as key education parameters of the twenty first century. As we move towards more integration of technology in the classroom, a large variety of tools have become an integral part of the modern learning environment while many of such tools don’t make it beyond the year. Computer embedded content is important to substantiate the teaching and learning of inherently complex engineering disciplines. The recent trend of interactive, multimedia based virtual learning objects is making significant impact on teaching  and learning in a manner not possible with standard tools and learning management systems.
This paper examines the integration of computer based virtual learning objects into teaching and learning of  electrical engineering. Typical virtual learning objects developed by the author will be illustrated as reusable learning components to build and promote richer teaching and learning of Electrical Engineering.

Keywords :

: Virtual Learning Objects (VLOs), VLEs(virtual learning environments), LO(learning object), CBT, Simulation, Electrical Engineering, Simulators, Online, Thevenin, Norton, Electrical circuits

References :

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