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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

World is contracting with the growth of mobile phone technology. As the number of users is increasing day by day, facilities are also increasing. Starting with simple regular handsets which were used just for making phone calls, mobiles have changed our lives and have become part of it. Now they are not used just for making calls but they have innumerable uses and can be used as a Camera , Music player, Tablet PC, T.V. , Web browser etc. And with the new technologies, new software and operating systems are required. It is also a platform so developers can create applications or 'apps' developed for Smartphone that can carry out specific functions. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available and they are constantly being developed - each with their own purpose. For instance, “Lock-If-Drive” app , that I’ll introduce and describe in detail , later on in the third section, will be able to lock an android device when the device is moving with a speed greater than a fixed value and , at the same time, if the device is connected either by WiFi or 3G.

Keywords :

: Mobile OS; Mobile application; Android; Java.

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