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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

With the evolution of e-commerce, online consumer behavior has been examined under various contexts. Researches carried out in this field, although significant are broad in scope and appear relatively fragmented. Simultaneously, global business sector is marked with heightened competition and one of the most sought out ways adopted by firms is to use sales promotions to target right market in an effective and efficient manner.

 This paper will analyze online consumer behavior specifically through an empirical qualitative study with a view to sales promotion techniques employed by an apparel e-store. We will present our analysis with respect to the impact of demographic variables on consumer behavior towards various sales promotion techniques. The key objective is to understand consumer's responses given a variety of product categories and sales promotion techniques. Furthermore, the focus will be to understand the underlying reasons for choosing each product offering at a particular point in time.

Keywords :

:Online Apparel, Demographics, Sales Promotion, Consumer Behavior

References :

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