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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

 Computer science is not only the science but the life of today’s era, as all research involve in any branch of bioscience hardly depends on computer data management system. Medical research related to surgery, medical imagine, drug designing etc.  Information technology plays a critical role to retrieve drug overview, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment pattern, patient history provide effective results for bench to bedside treatment. This paper addresses the impact of information technology in medical and biological research planning.  Method used as search and analysis of approximate 250 related papers by using general search engine as well as meta search engine through applying inclusion and exclusion criterion. As conclusion we can say that information technology predominantly set correct evidence based research plan for a researcher as well as shows easiest and effective way even during onsite research procedure with new direction and perspective of ideas with cost effective designs and protocol.

Keywords :

:Computer, Diagnosis, Drug, Planning, Bioscience

References :

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