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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

The existence of heterogeneous systems in the now existing global village brings about a lot of complexity in the search and retrieval of information. However, continuous changing fields of knowledge offer a number of standard procedures and methods made possible by the up spring of technology to help users solve their queries. This research examines the application of knowledge management procedures which perform tasks in a multi agent platform to accomplish user requirements and queries. It highlights how well distributed agent systems help to solve complex problems facing people in the real world as a result of their flexibility. Multi agent systems employ domain ontology to search for pages in the internet which contain relevant information as required by different domains of interest. In the field world wide web in particular, online searching has been embraced by a huge number of people bringing the need of a smooth flowing system that facilitates online activities in a cloud environment. The paper recommends to make use of multi-agent system and ontologies in a cloud environment to enhance the performance of information retrieval .

Keywords :

: Information Retrieval, Cloud Computing, Ontologies, Multi-Agent System, Semantic web.

References :

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