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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

As quality of life has improved and interest in leisure sports is heightened, the simulation developments are continuously on the rise. Sports simulators based on simple replication in the past has limitations in continuous play due to the constraint on the realistic representation which inhibit total engagement. This study intends to standardize the environment information data of the realistic reproduction to be used in the development of realistic ski simulator and to design a system to intelligently control the simulator. This study is also to make database of various skiing postures using the motion capture devices, then user’s postures are to be matched in real-time to determine and represent visually in the simulator. The simulator shall provide not only activities and fun but also to be utilized as a ski training. It will be able to increase the realism and interest by controlling the content accordingly to the user with its functional completeness.

Keywords :

: Simulator, Ski, Realistic Media, Environmenal Sensor, Virtual Reality

References :

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