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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

 Because of the quick advance of ICT, it is said that we should changethe teaching method for the young generation grew up in the environment of ICT including video games, who are called digital natives. Accordingly, the authorsmade a project to validate that the serious game is actually effective for the education, which is the digital game that has other purposes besides enjoyments like education, training and so on and interest digital natives. This introduces a serious game the authors developed for the education and shows evaluation results of the effectiveness of the game. The authors performed two kinds of experiments using different education contents on the same game, one education content is for the higher education of medical students and the other one is for the junior high school students. From these experiments, it is clarified that our developed serious game is effective for those educations.

Keywords :

: serious games, mobile learning, educational contents, anatomy

References :

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