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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In realistic Augmented Reality, interaction between real and virtual objects plays a significant role. Interaction between virtual shadows on real environments and vice versa are the topics of research being conducted in this area. In this paper we introduce a new technique to cast virtual shadows on real environments. A Kinect camera is used to generate a depth map of the real scene. Then, based on the depth of each pixel a 3D mesh is constructed which is the required material for generating the reconstructed scene in virtual environments. This model is called Phantom which is constructed in real-time. Converting the phantom into transparent tacit surface and track it in the same place of real environments is the final step of the proposed method. We demonstrate the tracking ability of our algorithm and the results are evaluated using qualitative and quantitative methods and compared with previous phantom generations in AR applications .

Keywords :

: Real-time shadows, augmented reality, 3D reconstruction.

References :

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