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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Subject Cataloging is one of the most crucial courses in the area of library and information management. This study aims to examine the students perception towards the cataloging subject which comprises of Subject Cataloging and Classification. The objectives of this study are: 1) to identify the student’s perception on cataloging tools, and 2) to determine the student’s knowledge while learning subject cataloguing. This study used quantitative research method by using a questionnaire as the data collection tool . The respondents are the third year students from the Bachelor of Library Management (BLM) program. It is important to investigate the student’s perception in learning the cataloging subject due the weight given to this subject as core components in the BLM program . Subject Cataloging and Classification is a major heart of library science and information management  in every institution. It is also critical  to ensure that the students understand the subject matter and  are well trained in using all the tools in-order to ensure all  resources are systematically organized and classified. There are  few technical parts of the cataloging area which considered challenging by the students. Hence, this research will determine the  positive and the negative perception towards the subject cataloging and classification. The findings show that i) students moderately agreed with the adequateness of the cataloguing tools provided in their learning process, ii) the student knowledge in subject analysis and subject cataloging are at moderate, iii) the students knowledge in library classification are at highly understand. This research discuss three suggestions  in the cataloging tools and the student motivation .

Keywords :

: Cataloging, Subject cataloging, Classification, Library science, Organization of Knowledge

References :

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