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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Telecommunication industry is one of the most competitive industries. To obtain the competitive advantage, knowing about customers and their behaviors is very important for telecom service providers for making appropriate marketing decisions. This study aims to develop an application for customer clustering analysis to segment the group of customer according to their daily usage of communication services supported by a telecom operator. Firstly, the data mart is developed to store call detailed records generated from several exchanges and to prepare the accurate data for customer segmentation. Second, a multidimensional cube is created to perform data exploratory analysis, and then R Studio is used as a data mining tool to segment the subscribers for marketing department to decide which action to apply on each segment for customer care. Moreover, customer segmentation is intended to find out how the customers are composed and help the marketing department make more suitable marketing plans according to different segments with different customer characteristics .

Keywords :

: multidimensional analysis;business intelligence;customer segmentation; cluster analysis; telecommunication industry .

References :

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