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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Video Extraction Analyzer (VidExA) has been developed in order to solve one of the problems encountered in the difficulty in determining the contents of the existing data in a video structure. The video structure is poor and inconsistent, but a video still have own basic structure. The basic structure of the video is a hierarchical structure consisting of a video program, scene, shot and key frames. VidExA is aimed to help the user understand the basic structure of video data that is complicated and complex. In general, VidExA is developed to extract the data of the structure contained in a video that was input by the user. Normally, the user is quite difficult to understand and define the data that exists in a video structure. There are two (2) modules of the system include the following: (1) Extraction: A video is extracted to get a basic structure and their relation between scene, shot and keyframe, (2) Analysis: This system will generate an analysis of relation structure had in a video. Based on VidExA operations, it can help the user know the originality of the video. Besides that, we can determine each relation between the structures in the video .

Keywords :

: Multimedia Database, Video Database, Video, Video Basic Structure.

References :

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