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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Text detection and recognition is very difficult tasks in the computer vision area and there is a lot of research going on in recent years on the text. This paper focuses on the process of text detection and recognition from various text images. In this paper an approach to recognize the text from the text images is applied on various languages. The basic approach for text recognition is described which is First, detected Maximally Stable Extremal Regions(MSER) from the input image. Then the image
containing MSER regions fed as input to the canny edge detector, which produces edges over text region and helps us to remove the remaining part of the image by applying filtering technique. Finally text region image is given to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR).The OCR produces the actual text presented in the input image. The main thing that has been included in this paper is we have applied MSER technique on two languages which shows what basically this technique results and how this
works for the text images .

Keywords :

: ERP, EEG-P300, ANFIS method, FeatureExtraction .

References :

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