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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

This paper presents the development of an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) to be used for coil tilter system based on the smart hybrid Powerpack (SHP), and the performance test of coil tilters was performed by the proposed GUI. The SHP system of coil tilters is combined with all advanced technologies of an electro hydraulic actuator (EHA), a fault tolerance, an intelligent control, and the GUI based remote control and monitoring. The GUI consists of the Office/Machine GUI as a main server that controls the electronic control unit (ECU). The purpose of this research is to verify the performance test of coil tilters through the GUI by using an interface controller of the ECU. The Machine GUI is used as the interface role between the ECU and the Office GUI. A controller Area Network (CAN) allows a bidirectional communication link to the ECU and the Machine GUI. The Mobile GUI is used as the remotely control and monitoring. The software which is based on JAVA and JAVA library PCAN Basic is used in a programming the Machine and Office GUI, and the software which is based on JAVA and JAVA android SDK is used in a programming the Mobile GUI. The performance of the proposed GUI is verified through experiments on a SHP for coil tilters .

Keywords :

: Machine GUI, Office GUI, Mobile GUI, Controller Area Network (CAN) communication, socket communication, smart Hybrid Powerpack (SHP) for Coil tilter system, and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) .

References :

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