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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

As estimate  is a prediction that is equally likely to  be above or below the actual result”  Risk management partly means reducing uncertainty. Reducing uncertainty has a cost associated with  it . We need to balance such costs we could incur if the risk is not addressed. Quantification of risks that occur in software projects .The costs of risks analyzed before hand are estimated before starting the project development that is used during the project development.
On the basis of quantifications of risks:
  1. overall cost of software is effected
  2. overall schedule of software is effected
  3. overall time is effected
  4. overall quality is effected

In this paper we tried to estimate the software  cost of risks which coordinates with the theory of immune system . In this paper we have proposed a Software Risks Estimation model (SREM). Proposed model estimate the risks which are identified by RRSCM (Risk Reducing software Cycle model)

Keywords :

: Risk Management; Risk Estimates; Risk cost.

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