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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Smartphone usage has increased manifold upon  introduction of Google’s Android. Since its introduction, Android has evolved at an outstanding pace in terms of  application development, commercialization and market share  of Android powered devices. Although originally developed for smartphones, now the embedded system industry has realized  the capabilities of Android. Due to open source nature, rich  user interface, wide range of connectivity, secure communication, data encryption and multitasking, Android is being integrated and ported to various embedded systems.  These include set-top boxes, IPTV, Google TV, In-Vehicle Infotainment systems. One major advantage of such integration is that an Android app can address the  functionalities all these devices powered by Android and  developers need not to write several applications for different embedded systems. These systems will also benefit from  Android power management capabilities. This paper makes an  attempt to promote Android software stack as a suitable  operating system for embedded systems. The Linux kernel modifications introduced in Android are described in details.  The procedure to integrate Android stack in an embedded  system are outlined and Android porting is also briefed. The power management benefits are also pointed out. Finally the  paper concludes with several important advantages of such embedded system with android stack.

Keywords :

: embedded system; Android stack integration;  Android power management; Linux kernel;

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