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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Reflective activities are part of any project activity and have been demonstrated to be useful in using lessons learned for improvement. However, organizations are not willing to approve time for reflections due to tight deadlines. Through a case study and narrative/story telling analysis, the author demonstrates how reflection-in-action can be aided by lightweight collaborative tools such as Google drive. Reflection logs helped the multimedia development team reflect within phases of the multimedia development in order to learn from their experiences. The success of the collaborative tool in serving the purpose of the development team is attributed to ease of use and familiarity. The potential to aid reflection-in-action on an entire multimedia project process by use of reflection logs in a lightweight collaboration tool was identified.
Research contributions in this area will be valuable in providing insights to makers of lightweight collaborative tools who may want to extend the area of application of their tools to reflection-in-action..

Keywords :

: Light collaborative tools, Google drive, reflection-in-action, reflection logs, collaboration, and multimedia.

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