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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Cloud computing is an improvement product of combining web technology, grid computing  and virtualization. It has become one of the most important issues for the information technology in  recent years. A lot of  applications  have been proposed and discussed on the cloud computing environment  because it can bring many benefits like reducing the cost of maintaining data centers in an enterprise, low data management cost and retrieval of data whenever you want, etc. As more sensitive and personal data  is shared and stored in the cloud computing server, a question of trust on cloud computing is wildly been discussed. One method to alleviate the security worries is storing data in the encrypting form. The  drawback of encrypting data is the limitation of usability. In this paper, we construct a group oriented  data access model with keyword search that allows multi-users as one sharing group to reduce the  duplication of the sharing file. Once the user wants to retrieve the file, he must be in the authorized  sharing group and provide correct keywords. The proposed scheme provides the space efficiency for key  storage size and computation efficiency for data retrieving .

Keywords :

: Cloud computing, keyword search encryption, hidden vector encryption, broadcast encryption,  data access control

References :

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