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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Expressing the need of the user (user query) is the starting point of a set of processes which finishes with the selection from the array of documents returned.
Finding a relevant document is the outcome a good expression of the user need, as well as an efficient reformulation of the initial query, one of the keys to improving the performance of information search systems (ISS). We remark that the reformulation of queries is a significant process for both the ISS because it facilitates the task of searching for documents and for the end user because it allows obtaining appropriate results.
This study offers a technique of query reformulation that consists of multiple words based on definition sentences retrieved directly from the Internet.
In our approach, for each word in the initial query, we search for all their corresponding definition sentences, and each sentence contains a set of words that we call in our approach "associated words". The intersection between the different sets of associated words gives us a single set of related words among the various lists. These words will be used to enrich the initial user query
To test our approach, we have made a comparison between the returned result using our approach of reformulation and without. Therefore, the obtained result has showed the importance of our suggestion

Keywords :

: reformulation of queries, search engine, request

References :

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