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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In this paper, engineering knowledge is introduced as a special form of organizational knowledge that managing it requires special solutions. Engineering knowledge, in gas and petroleum industries, includes the technical specifications, optimization algorithms, functional requirements, guides and engineering standards. It is saved and used as technical documents (e.g. plans, mathematical equations and graphs).
In the recent years, computerized three-dimensional (3D) platform is used, greatly, in this domain. This paper presents the advantages of using 3D environment for managing engineering knowledge. It introduces an innovative knowledge management system, in computerized three-dimensional environment, which is specifically developed for being used in the gas and petroleum industries. This system provides the possibility of linking the engineering knowledge, as the text, plans, pictures and multimedia descriptions to the geometrical models of the equipment and assets, in 3D environment. 
The advantages of using this system for expressing, saving and accessing to the engineering knowledge is indicated.   This system is integrated by technical management systems, such as preventive maintenance and inspection and emergency repair systems.  The results can be used to manage technical knowledge in engineering and design departments of petrochemical industries.

Keywords :

: Knowledge management; three-dimensional environment; engineering knowledge

References :

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