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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Nowadays in most of the educational systems all over the world many curriculum designers as well as administrators in the ministry of education of different countries recommended a very well-known approach of language teaching and learning namely Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in the English classes. In such a circumstance that CLT has been widely adopted by textbook designers and material writers all over the world, especially in ESL countries, different researches which have been conducted in the ESL/EFL countries shows that still in many cases teachers and students have different challenges and problems in order to apply CLT in their schools. It goes without saying that an important prerequisite for applying this approach is computer and online services. By using computer and online materials teachers can improve different skills and sub-skills of their students through the improvement of communicative competence.In this study researchers attempted to investigate how CLT understood and implemented through computer usage in Malaysian secondary schools through the technology and computer usage from the students’ point of view.In order to gets a clear picture of students’ understanding perceptions and the way that they incorporate CLT through computer in the secondary schools. A semi-structured interview was conducted among 30 ESL Malaysian students in Malaysian secondary schools. Results of the study showed different contextual problems regarding implementation of CLT by using computers from the students’ viewpoint. There were some problems for applying CLT in Malaysian secondary schools English classes regarding facilities and textbooks. At the end of the study some pedagogical implications have been proposed by the researchers which can help decision makers in the language teaching and learning of this country.

Keywords :

: Communicative language teaching, compterized CLT,technology,English ESL  learners, English language teaching & learning

References :

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