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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Companies, institutions and military often have a necessity to communicate a highly sensitive message and always carry the risk of capture text by unauthorized parties. Utilization of text message hiding in the picture using stegabography appears to be an alternative of predicting the limited text and capacity during embedding and extraction. For comparative analysis this paper proposed amendments to the existing techniques structure, using Robet, Canny, Sobel, Perwitt and Log algorithms. It exhaustively observes these techniques by source coding using Matlab for small text messages and makes recommendations of such features. After analyzing the results Canny method shows the better phase embedding and extraction in all the text given. It also proposed security enhancements and presents a novel form of stegangraphy

Keywords :

: Steganography, Robet, Canny, Sobel, Perwitt and Log algorithms, text message

References :

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