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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

In recent years the Spoken Language Processing field has been rapidly growing. Several human-machine systems with different characteristics have been developed, most of them without a distributed and scalable architecture. For instance, Olympus framework at the current version does not support multi-session. In addition, it uses the Phoenix parser without a dynamic grammar. In this paper we design a distributed, robust, scalable and multi-session architecture applied to a spoken dialog system along with a dynamic and self-learning Natural Language Understanding (NLU) mechanism. It is based on an extension of the basic Olympus framework. The implementation we propose, called OlympusP2P is built on a distributed and highly context-sensitive framework for applications that aim at interacting with users by using natural languages. OlympusP2P will soon available for researcher and application developer.

Keywords :

: Multi-Session, Dynamic Grammar Parser, Olympus

References :

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