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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Service Oriented Architecture and cloud computing provides the IT infrastructure, design patterns and other artifacts to an IT company get interoperability between software programs. A SOA Governance problem refers to the coordination of people, processes and technologies involved in each area within an organization. It mean planning under uncertainty and considering risks once  it aims to make processes more efficient, reduce redundancy and optimize them in order to improve supervision and giving better decision-making processes.  By evolving the policies that guide decision making, there are emergencies, feedback control mechanisms and many events that must be considered in order to better comprehend the complexities in the real world and the factors that could influence a problem that must be faced. Agent based modeling, system dynamics modeling and event based modeling are discussed and exemplified as three methods that could be used as a way to give to managers and technical staff  flight simulators that could aid them to cope with governance complexity and comprehend how a policy change will affect  their SOA Governance system.

Keywords :

: System Dynamics, Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Planning Product Project; Relevant information, SOA governance, cloud computing

References :

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