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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

The cloud storage for the centralized management of organizational big data is gaining much interest because of its benefits in managing and securing information resources. However, cloud storagebased centralized repository also has problems in utilization, which are the difficulty in determining the proper category to store working documents and the complexity in retrieving a document. This paper proposes a methodology to resolve these problems by automating the processes of identifying the topic of working documents and storing them under the identified topic-based category of the cloud storage-based central repository. Without user’s direct definition about the title of a working document, it can be automatically stored under the identified topic-based category in the central repository. To demonstrate the validity of the proposed concepts, a prototype system enabling the function of automatic topic identification, automatic category searching, and automatic archiving is implemented .

Keywords :

: Document centralization; Intelligent archiving; Automatic topic identification; Cloud storage

References :

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