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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

The Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) is typical, characterized by high mobility and regular link failures. Molecular communication is inspired by the natural nano scale communication techniques. In reality, communication between cells is established in various ways. Existing communication paradigms between cells may be adopted for the realization of nano networks The normal routing algorithms route creation have to make frequent route discoveries resulting in decreased throughput and end to end delay, so we improve the routing algorithms performance .Here we develop the new routing algorithm NAODV(Nano- AODV) with the help of nanotechnology focusing on finding the network performance The Nanotechnology consists of nano machines, they integrate the AODV routing technique for their routing which increases the throughput and reduces the packet delay of the network. Using the TN (Transmitter Nano) and RN (Receiver Nano) sending and receiving data process on the network and we use the NAODV routing protocol. Nano machine that has information collide and adhere to another nano machine, it transmits its information to this means of molecular neuro spike  communication. An NAODV process mainly focus on better throughput performance and reduced delay compared with the AODV routing protocol.

Keywords :


References :

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