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International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science ( IJITCS )

Abstract :

Information retrieval is the process of sorting, searching, and retrieval of information that matches user query. It is aimed to find relevant documents or information response to user request. Most of the researchers experienced that the problem in information retrieval is matching queries with document. Hence, the information is retrieved with the help of edge index graph by applying semantic relatedness and similarity between terms in corpus. In our approach, every word in the document is pre-processed and stemmed using well known stemming algorithm Porter Stemmer to reduce the data size. Consequently, we proposed a semantic similarity measure to compute similarity between words in the document. The semantic similarity measure is used to retrieve very similar information and also relevant to query term. Our approach provides an efficient technique to user query response and also it optimizes the Set Y generation during PMI computation. We report the results of computation performed using semantic similarity measure and retrieval process.

Keywords :

: Edge Index, Semantic Similarity, Information Retrieval, PMI.

References :

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